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From: Victor A. Wagner Jr. (vawjr_at_[hidden])
Date: 2007-03-22 23:52:10

At 13:00 2007-03-20, David Deakins wrote:
>Vladimir Prus wrote:
>>Victor, can you remove bin.v2/libs/iostream directory so that
>>we have a clean run?

got that part done....

>Victor, after you've cleared out bin.v2/libs/iostream and before you
>start the new test run, can you also locate the libbz2.DEF file in
>the bzip2 library sources and comment out the line with the LIBRARY
>directive like this:

looking for the file now

>>David, you mentioned that manual work is required to tweak DEF
>>file for bz2, is there no way around that? If so, would you be
>>able to post a doc patch, or would rather like somebody else
>>do it?
>I spent a little while trying to come up with an alternative to
>having to modify the libbz2.DEF file but I wasn't successful at
>doing it. The other path to fix this issue would be to make sure
>that the iostreams jamfile creates the bzip2 DLL with a name of
>libbz2.DLL (which is the standard name for it) rather than a name
>like boost_bzip2-vc80-mt-gd-1_34.DLL. I could get the first part of
>the name to change to libbz2 instead of boost_bzip2, but I wasn't
>able to figure out how to turn off the compiler-related decorations
>at the end. After reflecting on it further, I wasn't sure if
>turning off those tags was the right thing to do (if I actually knew
>how to do it) since that would mean all builds of boost_iostreams
>(potentially with different compilers and compiler options) would
>try to link to the same libbz2 file. That may not be a big deal in
>this case, but I wasn't sure, so I stuck with the somewhat ugly
>option of just changing the bzip2 DEF file. Perhaps someone with
>better Boost.Build knowledge and insight into the iostreams/bzip2
>inner workings might be able to make the other path work. In case
>we stay with modifying the DEF file, I attached a patch for the
>iostreams/doc/installation.html file describing the modification.
>Index: installation.html
>RCS file: /cvsroot/boost/boost/libs/iostreams/doc/installation.html,v
>retrieving revision
>diff -u -r1.8.2.1 installation.html
>--- installation.html 7 Jan 2007 22:40:33 -0000
>+++ installation.html 20 Mar 2007 18:37:03 -0000
>@@ -81,6 +81,15 @@
> <P>
> On most UNIX systems, it should not be necessary to set any of
> these variables, since the zlib and libbz2 headers and binaries are
> already installed in locations where they will be found
> automatically. On Windows, the zlib and bzip2 filters are disabled
> by default; to enable support for these filters, you will need to
> set variables indicating the location of the source files, if
> building from the source, or the location of the headers and
> binaries, if using pre-built binaries.
> </P>
>+ NOTE: When building the bzip2 library from the source as a DLL
>on Windows, a small change needs to be made in the bzip2 source
>files. As of version 1.0.4 of bzip2, a libbz2.DEF file is used to
>indicate the exported functions for Windows builds. This file also
>contains a line with a LIBRARY directive indicating the standard
>library name of LIBBZ2. Since the Boost.Build jamfiles prefer to
>build the bzip2 library with a boost_bzip2 name, there is a conflict
>with this LIBRARY directive. To allow the boost_iostreams DLL to
>successfully find the bzip2 DLL with its boost_bzip2 name, the
>LIBRARY directive line in libbz2.DEF should be commented out by
>placing a semicolon at the beginning of the line as follows:
>+ With this change to the DEF file, Boost.Build should be able to
>successfully generate a DLL version of the bzip2 library from its sources.
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