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From: Nicola Musatti (Nicola.Musatti_at_[hidden])
Date: 2007-03-24 04:14:56

Pardon my butting in, but when hunting problems in a specific library,
wouldn't it be simpler and faster to just run the tests for that library
and use process_jam_log and compiler status to collect the results?

On Windows I go to the library's test directory and just run the
attached batch files; I'd expect these tools to work in the same way on
other platforms too.

If the tester and the developer manage to agree to work on a problem for
an hour or two, they could test corrections almost in real time, with a
dramatically reduced turnaround time.

Nicola Musatti

bjam -a --v2 --dump-tests %* >bjam.log 2>&1
process_jam_log --v2 <bjam.log
compiler_status --v2 %BOOST_ROOT% cs-win32.html
compiler_status --v2 --ignore-pass --no-warn %BOOST_ROOT% cs-win32-fail.html cs-win32-links.html
compiler_status --v2 --ignore-pass %BOOST_ROOT% cs-win32-warn-or-fail.html cs-win32-links.html
compiler_status --v2 %BOOST_ROOT% cs-win32-full.html cs-win32-links.html
call single_status

compiler_status --v2 --compiler borland-5.6.4 %BOOST_ROOT% borland-5_6_4.html
compiler_status --v2 --compiler borland-5.8.2 %BOOST_ROOT% borland-5_8_2.html
compiler_status --v2 --compiler borland-5.9.0 %BOOST_ROOT% borland-5_9_0.html
compiler_status --v2 --compiler msvc-8.0 %BOOST_ROOT% msvc-8_0.html
compiler_status --v2 --compiler msvc-6.5 %BOOST_ROOT% msvc-6_5.html
compiler_status --v2 --compiler gcc-3.4.2 %BOOST_ROOT% gcc-3_4_2.html
compiler_status --v2 --compiler gcc-2.95.3 %BOOST_ROOT% gcc-2_95_3.html

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