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From: Robert Ramey (ramey_at_[hidden])
Date: 2007-08-27 12:19:48

Boris Gubenko wrote:
> Robert Ramey wrote:
>>> From the --help I don't see a way to do this
>> with having my system either download a tarball or update
>> from SVN. What I want to do is just run the regression
>> test on my system with my current setup and without forwarding
>> the results (I assume that this latter is obtained with
>> --dont-send-bjam-log).
> You, probably, meant: "withOUT having my system either ..."
> Here is how you can run tests in separate steps:
> python get-source ... # downloads tarball
> python setup ... # builds bjam, process_jam_log,
> ...etc python test ... # runs tests
> python collect-logs ... # creates XML log
> python upload-logs ... # uploads logs
> "..." is switches you usually specify on command line.
> Different commands above require different switches (for example, you
> don't need --runner on get-source command), but it is not an error to
> specify them all on every command.
> I guess, what you need is:
> python test ...
> python collect-logs ...

I looked at this and its not clear to me that its going to test what I
to test.

The current version of process_jam_log has a couple of issues that
I wanted to address:

a) it had "test_type=" rather than "test_type=run" ...
b) it had the directory "test" hard coded in so that tests couldn't be
run from other directories like "example" or performance
c) I forget what else.

With my changes it left

"library=" rather than "library=serialization" (or whatever) which
quite reasonalbly created problems downstream. But when I look
at collect logs it seems like it doesn't actually parse the test_log.xml
but just sends it somewhere. Note that I don't actually know
python but the 1019 script looks sort of C/shell script like and
of course it does have 23 lines of helpful comments. Sooo
its not clear if/how I can verify that the xml file generated
by process_jam_log won't create havoc downstream. There
is no separately documented format requirements for these

Robert Ramey

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