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From: Christopher Cambly (ccambly_at_[hidden])
Date: 2008-01-14 19:12:28

Jonathan Turkanis <turkanis_at_[hidden]> wrote on 12/01/2008 03:27:42 PM:

> Jonathan Turkanis <turkanis_at_[hidden]>

> >> While we're on the subject of compiler flags for large file support,
> >> there's another part of the Iostreams library that I have attempted to
> >> configure for IBM. I've read the documentation, but it would be great
> >> have input from an expert. In the header
> >> boost/iostreams/detail/config/rtl.hpp, I attempt to determine whether
> >> use plain POSIX file descriptor functions or the xxx64 versions
> >> by some systems.

I guess if I was to tentatively suggest something for AIX in general it
would be _LARGE_FILE_API since lseek64, ftruncate64, stat64, off64_t are
all guarded with that macro. Unfortunately, it is not that well documented
at least from my initial searches. The documentation I did find related to
large files it states: If the macro label _LARGE_FILE_API is defined at
compile time, applications have access to APIs and data structures that are
64-bit enabled. This sounds exactly like what you are interested in, and
is the same as _LARGEFILE64_SOURCE but let me dig into it a little further.
I'm curious as to why it is not documented all that well.

Chris Cambly
XL C/C++ Compiler Development

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