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From: Darryl Green (darryl.green_at_[hidden])
Date: 2008-08-30 00:34:00

On Sun, 2008-08-24 at 16:58 -0400, Beman Dawes wrote:
> For 1.36.0, our release test primary compilers were:
> * GCC 4.01 on Mac OS X 10.4.10 with both Intel and Power PC
> * GCC 4.2.3 on Ubuntu Linux 8.04.1
> * HP C/aC++ B3910B A.06.17 on HP-UX 64-bit
> * Visual C++ 9.0 SP1 beta, 8.0 SP1, and 7.1, all on Windows XP SP-2
> Could we have volunteers to run the Ubuntu Linux/GCC tests and the
> Windows/msvc-8.0 tests? If someone could take those off my hands, it
> would free resources to add additional compilers.

Does it have to be ubuntu (I'm running Debian testing)?
What version(s) of GCC?

> If I don't have to run any tests, it will free resources enough to
> expand the list by two or three compilers for 1.37.0. The idea is to
> provide coverage for popular compiler/operating system combinations not
> currently being tested. Anyone care to volunteer?

Um - yes. Assuming that you consider a reasonable range of GCC versions
on utterly ordinary linux to be somewhere in the "popular" space?

> I'd prefer volunteers who have experience testing on trunk

I haven't been because there is planty of gcc coverage on trunk and I
didn't want to create extra work for you guys - as per prev threads...

> , and been
> able to keep their test setup running reliably.

It stays up except for kernel upgrades and rare (so far) power outages.
It is running RAID1.

> They also need to have
> a bit of time to monitor the Boost testing list.

Well, I suspect I have more time to do that than you do :)

> No more than two tests per tester, to limit the inconvenience if a
> tester goes down.

I was going to test 4.1, 4.3 because these were the gaps in 1.36 so far
as the 4.x series goes, moving to 4.4 once it branches (next few
months). I was intending to keep the point release level up to date for
the (so currently that would be 4.3.2).

I thought it was important to continue to test with 4.1 because its a
common "system" compiler version on stable/production systems. Testing
4.3 as the curent gcc release series seems kinda important too.

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