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Subject: [Boost-testing] Trunk testing (general) and MSVC11
From: Christoph Macheiner (christoph.macheiner_at_[hidden])
Date: 2012-08-23 06:05:35

I am trying to setup a trunk test runner for MSVC11, and I have a few

- The website states about 5gb of disk space, so I used a spare machine but
ran out of disk space after 32gb used. So should that be 50gb?
- How are the MSVC testers handling crashes (of which I had several during
this first run)? By default, the JIT-debugger kicks in with a message box
which is obviously not good for an unattended run.
- Is there something about not fixing things? Point in case: the CRC library
has changes in crc.hpp (from last year) only in trunk that cause an obvious
compile error on MSVC that is trivially to fix. As this header has
dramatically changed I cannot easily create a patch, but the author could
(by just looking at the code). How do I go about this? Shouldn't part of
development/maintenance be to try and reduce the amount of failures?
- 32-bit vs 64-bit. Point in case: there is a sha-1 test in UUID that is
only failing on 64-bit. Is there a policy regarding 64-bit tests?
- Even on a quite modern machine (quad-core processor, enough RAM),
"performance" is rather poor. I know this is quite a general statement, but
without further ado, did anybody look into this? The above-mentioned
out-of-disk occured after about 7 hours, with the tests obviously still not
finished. Point is, I can spare the night on my dev rigs, but if the tests
take longer than say, 8 hours, I am out of luck. Especially when I want to
test 32-bit and 64-bit.

BTW: The trunk summary on is broken ("Error extracting file: The
end of the ZIP archive was encountered prematurely."). I have no idea if my
unfinished test did upload something and caused this (which still wouldn't
really be my fault anyway, just saying).

Best regards, Christoph.

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