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Subject: Re: [Boost-testing] [urgent] Testing help needed..
From: Rene Rivera (grafikrobot_at_[hidden])
Date: 2013-12-29 15:44:37

On Sun, Dec 29, 2013 at 2:41 PM, Rene Rivera <grafikrobot_at_[hidden]> wrote:

> I finally have the changes to the regression scripts sufficiently complete
> that I've managed to do a few minimal cycles of regression testing from the
> git repos. I now need some help in various ways:
> 1. General testing..
> I need some of the regular testers to do runs with their setups with the
> new scripts. To test I suggest starting from a new testing location. And
> follow the usual instructions except get the script from <
> The options are exactly the same as the SVN version of the scripts (the
> --tag is mapped to master or develop as needed). If you run patch scripts
> you will have to adjust paths for the new arrangement. In particular the
> boost tree is now checked out to <testing-root>/boost_root.
> 2. Non-nix testing..
> I don't have the time or resources available to check if the scripts and
> git invocations work on Windows. I need one person to test and likely make
> changes to the regression script to do the right things on Windows. Testing
> should be the same as above. But doing changes locally and testing them is
> challenging. The procedure I use is (as shell commands):
> > mkdir testing-dev
> > cd testing-dev
> > link <BOOST_DEVELOP>/tools/regression/src/
> > ln -s < BOOST_DEVELOP>/tools/regression/xsl_reports xsl_reports
> > ln -s < BOOST_DEVELOP>/tools/regression/src tools_regression_src
> > ./ --runner=<RUNNER_NAME> --skip-script-download --use-local
> That lets you edit the and scripts in your local
> develop checkout. The options make it skip most of the code, but
> otherwise make it behave as the regular testing except using your local
> changes. If you need to test changes to in the normal use case you
> will have to commit+push the changes and then test.
> 3. Report generation..
> It seems that the reports are failing to get generated for some reason. I
> suspect that the new scripts putting the git commit SHAs as the tested
> version number are messing up the results generation. I need someone
> familiar with the result generation to fix this.

PS. Eventually..

4. Performance..

I will need help from git experts to optimize the git checkouts that the
scripts are currently doing as it takes about 5 minutes just to do an
update on the boost tree.

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