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Subject: Re: [Boost-testing] All my regressions failing in process_jam_log.exe
From: Stetson Percheron (stetson.percheron_at_[hidden])
Date: 2016-07-31 07:50:51


All my msvc 7.1 / mingw (from gcc 3.4 up to gcc 6.1) runners are
failing. Tests are being executed as bjam.log ends with (example):

...failed updating 3329 targets...
...skipped 11119 targets...
...updated 62106 targets...

but the next step seems to fail. Last lines from execution


c:\boost\develop\boost_root\tools\build\test>"C:\Programs\Python27\python.exe" --default-bjam --xml gcc-mngw-3.4c+
# Getting test case results out of "c:\boost\develop\results\bjam.log"...

    --locate-root "c:\boost\develop\results" --input-file
Traceback (most recent call last):
     File "", line 71, in <module>
     File "c:\boost\develop\boost_regression_src\", line
287, in __init__
     File "c:\boost\develop\boost_regression_src\", line
624, in main
     File "c:\boost\develop\boost_regression_src\", line
589, in command_regression
     File "c:\boost\develop\boost_regression_src\", line
372, in command_test
     File "c:\boost\develop\boost_regression_src\", line
434, in command_test_process
       self.regression_log )
     File "c:\boost\develop\boost_regression_src\", line 69,
in checked_system
       raise Exception( 'Command sequence "%s" failed with return code
%d' % ( commands, rc ) )
Exception: Command sequence
    --locate-root "c:\\boost\\develop\\results" --input-file
"c:\\boost\\develop\\results\\bjam.log"']" failed with return code


I can't see why process_jam_log.ex command has failed and I don't see
any "results\boost-build-[toolset]\test_log.xml file anywhere.

How can I debug this?


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