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From: Angus Leeming (yg-boost-users_at_[hidden])
Date: 2003-08-07 09:05:08

David Abrahams wrote:

>> gcc-C++-action
>> ../../../libs/graph/build/bin/liblibbgl-viz.a/gcc/debug/runtime-link-dynamic/graphviz_graph_parser.o
>> graphviz_parser.y:44:2: #error Need to define the GRAPHVIZ_DIRECTED macro
>> to either 0 or 1
>> Needless to say, neither
>> "-sBUILD=<define>GRAPHVIZ_GRAPH=GraphvizGraph
>> <define>GRAPHVIZ_DIRECTED=GraphvizDirected"
>> nor
>> "-sBUILD=<define>GRAPHVIZ_DIRECTED=GraphvizDirected"
>> (in case I got the syntax wrong ;-)
>> have any effect.
> Why is that needless to say? Both of those seem to have the intended
> effect. What do you see on the generated command-lines?

My apologies. I meant only that I was ignorant of the syntax.

The relevant snippet of source code in graphviz_parser.y is

#error Need to define the GRAPHVIZ_DIRECTED macro to either 0 or 1

#define GRAPHVIZ_GRAPH boost::GraphvizGraph
#define yyrestart bgl_undir_restart
#define GRAPHVIZ_GRAPH boost::GraphvizDigraph
#define yyrestart bgl_dir_restart

So, passing 'GRAPHVIZ_GRAPH=GraphvizGraph' to the compiler is actually the
wrong thing to do. We should pass it 'GRAPHVIZ_DIRECTED=0' or
'GRAPHVIZ_DIRECTED=1' as appropriate. Hence invoking bjam with a fixed value
for GRAPHVIZ_DIRECTED is also wrong.

Instead the Jamfile requires rules to create graphviz_graph_parser.o and
graphviz_digraph_parser.o from graphviz_parser.y.

Nonetheless, proceeding with your suggested stategy in order to demonstrate
what is actually happening and to answer your question about what is seen
on the generated command-lines:

$ bjam -sTOOLS=gcc "-sBUILD=<define>GRAPHVIZ_DIRECTED=0"
gcc-C++-action ../../../libs/graph/build/bin/liblibbgl-viz.a/gcc/debug/runtime-link-dynamic/graphviz_graph_parser.o
graphviz_parser.y:44:2: #error Need to define the GRAPHVIZ_DIRECTED macro to either 0 or 1
graphviz_parser.y: In function `void boost::read_graphviz(const std::string&,
graphviz_parser.y:500: warning: unused variable `void*in'
graphviz_parser.y: In function `void boost::read_graphviz(FILE*, boost::GraphvizGraph&)':
graphviz_parser.y:505: warning: unused variable `void*in'
/home/aleem/boost/boost-1.30.1/boost/tuple/detail/tuple_basic.hpp: At top
graphviz_parser.y:89: warning: `const std::string&
   graphviz::get_graph_name(const graphviz::Subgraph&)' defined but not used

    g++ -c -Wall -ftemplate-depth-100 -g -O0 -fno-inline -I"../../../libs/graph/build" -I "/home/aleem/boost/boost-1.30.1" -o "../../../libs/graph/build/bin/liblibbgl-viz.a/gcc/debug/runtime-link-dynamic/graphviz_graph_parser.o" "../../../libs/graph/build/../src/graphviz_graph_parser.cpp"

...failed gcc-C++-action ../../../libs/graph/build/bin/liblibbgl-viz.a/gcc/debug/runtime-link-dynamic/graphviz_graph_parser.o...

As you can see, GRAPHVIZ_DIRECTED=0 is not passed to g++.

>> I don't know how familiar you are with the code here, but the Makefile
>> way would be to define specialised targets (my terminology is probably
>> incorrect), in transparent terms something like:
>> graphviz_graph_parser.o: graphviz_parser.C
>> g++ -DGRAPHVIZ_DIRECTED=0 -o graphviz_graph_parser.o
>> graphviz_parser.C
>> graphviz_digraph_parser.o: graphviz_parser.C
>> g++ -DGRAPHVIZ_DIRECTED=1 -o graphviz_digraph_parser.o
>> graphviz_parser.C
>> ie, two object files from one source file. The complication here,
>> of course, is that the source code is in graphviz_parser.y.
> That's not complicated, IMO.
>> Does this enable you to 'cure' the problem or is it fundamental?
> I'm sorry, I don't know how to "cure" the problem right now, because
> I'm not sure what results would be produced by a complete cure. Do
> you expect to end up with both of these .o files in in the same
> library?


There is a file 'libs/graph/build/Jamfile.v2' containing

obj graphviz_graph_lex : graphviz_lex.l
    : <flex.prefix>bgl_undir_ <define>GRAPHVIZ_DIRECTED=0 <dependency>graphviz_graph_parser ;
obj graphviz_graph_parser : graphviz_parser.y
    : <bison.prefix>bgl_undir_ <define>GRAPHVIZ_DIRECTED=0 ;

but copying this into Jamfile itself does not help because the syntax is
not recognized by my version of bjam (3.1.4). It complains about an
unrecognized target 'obj'.

Does any of this help?

Kind regards,

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