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From: Matt Trentini (yg-boost-users_at_[hidden])
Date: 2003-08-20 02:57:57

Heya Everyone,

We use Rationals ClearCase for our source code control here at work and I'm
trying to figure out how to best integrate Boost into the ClearCase VOB's.

I understand that this probably isn't the ideal forum but I felt certain
that someone else out there has a similar configuration!

My issue has to do with the different versions of boost. I don't need to
maintain a complete source history (don't need every change to every file,
just regular releases) but I do want to have multiple versions located at
the same place (ie ie want there to be only one boost directory, not
boost_1_30, boost_1_30_2 etc) with labels to specify the version. This way
our build environment can always look at the one place in the VOB's and we
use our config spec to specify which version we're using. Should be simple.

Now, I can download a version of boost, extract the files, export them (with
clearexport_ffile) then import (clearimport) to the VOB. Then I can label
those files. Unfortunately, if any files (or directories) have been deleted
I won't know about it - they'll just remain there. I had a quick scan
through the attic files and it seems like deleting files is not particularly

I don't want those old files (which could have been deprecated or buggy or
whatever) just lying around waiting for bugs to creep in. So does anyone
know of a better way? How are other people doing this?


PS I've thought of 'hacky' solutions, like telling clearexport_ffile to
create a unique branch for every new version of boost and just leaving each
new version on the branch...or creating a branch and then running a script
over everything, determining if anything needs removing. But, as I said,
these are hacky! :)

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