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From: Itay Eliaz (itay_at_[hidden])
Date: 2004-06-01 09:27:02

        We compiled the latest RegEx library on:

        1. SunOS 5.8 Workshop 6: We used the sunpro.mak makefile.
Unfortunately, we received many error messages regarding conversions from
enum to int
                                 and vice versa.

        2. HP-UX 11.11 aCC 3.33: We used the generic.mak makeilfe. We got an
error regarding dynamic_cast from char*& to char*.

        In both cases, we didn't run the configure script in libs/config,
because if we do, we get many compilation errors (probably because of the
        in the created user.hpp).

        Are you aware of these problems? or are we doing something wrong?
        Is it imperative that we run the configure script and not use the
default user.hpp?

        On top of that, we managed to overcome the problems I mentioned by
simply specifing explicit conversion and casting, and we compiled RegEx on
        Forte 6 with the 64-bit compilation flag. The compilation worked,
but unfortunately, the tests failed. (I mean, the compiled okay and run, but
they say
        that tests.txt contains errors - something that didn't happen when
compiling the 32-bit version).
        What can we do to make it work in 64-bits?


"John Maddock" <john_at_[hidden]> wrote in message
> > does boost regex support 64-bit for SunOS 5.8, HP-UX 11i (native
> compilers),
> > WIN (MSVC-6) ?
> > we are using an old(?) version - regexpp version 3.12.
> > Is it recommended to upgrade to the latest version ?
> > Is it essential to upgrade to the latest version with relevance to
> > compilation ?
> 64-bit support should be fine in most recent versions (there was a 64-bit
> related bug in one release, but I forget which one now, it was some time
> now). However the compilers you mention are particularly broken when it
> come to compiling any kind of vaguely advanced C++ : The sun compiler
> just about handle regex, as will MSVC 6, but HP aCC is just so broken
> never been able to port even the most basic Boost libraries to it,
> but see also
> John.

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