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From: John Maddock (john_at_[hidden])
Date: 2004-06-03 05:13:56

> We compiled the latest RegEx library on:
> 1. SunOS 5.8 Workshop 6: We used the sunpro.mak makefile.
> Unfortunately, we received many error messages regarding conversions from
> enum to int
> and vice versa.

You shouldn't have done so, it's either a compiler bug or a library one, can
you please let me have the error messages privately?

> 2. HP-UX 11.11 aCC 3.33: We used the generic.mak makeilfe. We got an
> error regarding dynamic_cast from char*& to char*.

There are no dynamic_cast's in the library - and a cast from char*& to char*
is a legal (implicit) cast is it not? Looks like a compiler bug. Where did
the error occur, and what was the exact message?

> In both cases, we didn't run the configure script in libs/config,
> because if we do, we get many compilation errors (probably because of the
> #define-s
> in the created user.hpp).
> Are you aware of these problems? or are we doing something wrong?
> Is it imperative that we run the configure script and not use the
> default user.hpp?

No, I wasn't aware of those issues. The configure script should work, and
needs to be reported as a bug if it doesn't (what errors did it introduce?),
but you should not need to run it.

> On top of that, we managed to overcome the problems I mentioned by
> simply specifing explicit conversion and casting, and we compiled RegEx on
> Forte 6 with the 64-bit compilation flag. The compilation worked,
> but unfortunately, the tests failed. (I mean, the compiled okay and run,
> they say
> that tests.txt contains errors - something that didn't happen when
> compiling the 32-bit version).

Can you let me have the errors please?


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