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From: John Maddock (john_at_[hidden])
Date: 2004-06-04 05:30:18

> > CC -c -O2 -I../../../ -o sunpro/libboost_regex/c_regex_traits.o
> > ../src/c_regex_traits.cpp
> > "../../..//boost/regex/v4/match_flags.hpp", line 91: Error: Cannot
> > assign int to boost::regex_constants::_match_flags.
> > "../../..//boost/regex/v4/match_flags.hpp", line 93: Error: Cannot
> > assign int to boost::regex_constants::_match_flags.
> > "../../..//boost/regex/v4/match_flags.hpp", line 95: Error: Cannot
> > assign int to boost::regex_constants::_match_flags.
> > 3 Error(s) detected.

That would be a compiler bug, please submit it such if you are able to, in
the mean time I will patch a workaround into the source.

[ Note - the reason it's a compiler bug, is that in the code:

inline match_flags& operator&=(match_flags& m1, match_flags m2)

{ m1 = m1&m2; return m1; }

The result of m1&m2 is type match_flags, and *not* int as the compiler
suggests, because of the earlier defined operator:

inline match_flags operator&(match_flags m1, match_flags m2)

{ return static_cast<match_flags>(static_cast<boost::int32_t>(m1) &
static_cast<boost::int32_t>(m2)); }

- end note ]

> >
> > These are just a few. The rest of the errors occured for the same
> > reasons in various files. (If you want those too -
> > let me know).

Yes! I can't patch the source unless you give me all the available
information. Incidently it might be easiest to work around this by
including sunpro in the workaround above that reads:


in match_flags.hpp

> > 2. The aCC errors are (HP-IX):
> > aCC -o generic/boost_regex/cpp_regex_traits.o -c -Aa -AA +O2
> > -I../../../ -O ../src/cpp_regex_traits.cpp
> > Error 742: "../src/cpp_regex_traits.cpp", line 382 # Source type
> > const char *& and target type char * in a const_cast can only differ in
> > their qualifiers
> > pmd->sbuf.pubsetbuf(const_cast<char*>(first),
> > static_cast<std::streamsize>(last-first));
> >
> > I mistakingly wrote dynamic_cast in the original post, but I meant
> > const_cast. Sorry for the confusion.
> >
> > Please notice that we had to add manually some flags to generic.mak
> > (which is the makefile we used to build it
> > on HP-IX). I'm aware of some example you gave in the html
> > documentation about compiling with aCC - but we still
> > had to change some flags. (I know these weren't formal settings and
> > just an example).
> >
> > Is there any chance that there will be a HP-IX-special makefile? It
> > will make life much easier. :-)

If you want to provide one - I don't have access to that compiler.

> 3. I forgot to mension, that we managed to compile RegEX with SunOS C++
> both in 32 & 64 bits. There were no errors, BUT
> in 64 bits when we tried to run the rs/regress test - it failed
> (something which didn't happen in the 32-bits version). There was
> also a memory access violation, so even thought the compilation went just
> fine - apparently the library is
> not fully 64-bit compatible.
> What can we do to overcome this problem?

OK a couple of data points: the library is passing all it's tests with IBM
C++ on Itanium, so I would be surprised if this is 64-bit issue as such,
it's more likely to be a compiler or platform specific issue. As I asked
before what precisely is failing? What is the general protection fault?
Where in the code does it occur (stack trace?) and so on. I'm going to need
a lot more information before I can make any suggestions, and probably
you're going to have to do some debugging as well...


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