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From: Rene Rivera (grafik.list_at_[hidden])
Date: 2004-07-27 21:19:24

Brian Braatz wrote:

>> Rene Rivera Wrote:
>>build/v2 is not used for building Boost. It's the experimental, and
> I am sorry - I am confused and am trying to find my way out:
> *- What is listed for download on sourceforge does not reference a
> version of build v1 or bjam v1 or what have you. ( I am confused as to
> how to get the older version)

OK, some explanation... In SF there are 2 downloads: boost-build-2.0-*
and boost-jam-3.1.*. That boost-build-2.0 is the version 2 I mentioned
which is the experimental version. boost-jam-3.1.* is the scripting
engine BJam (based on Perforce Jam & FreeType Jam) that both V1 and V2
run on top of.

If you are only interested in building Boost release up to and including
the upcoming 1.32 release you use V1.

If you are interested in using Boost.Build to build your own projects,
you then have the choice of using V1, or experimenting with V2. V2 is in
many ways superior to V1, but it has the usual drawbacks of experimental
software of less widespread testing and not as much encompassing
support. The plan for Boost is to use V2 for the releases after Boost-1.32.

> * when I build the code in jam_src and run it- it reports:
> Boost.Jam Version 3.1.8. OS=NT.
> This is the same version I used to build boost with
> (successfully) with vc7.1. I am using the source for bjam included in
> the 1.31 release of boost

Yes. There is also an updated version, 3.1.10, of that in SF. Which is
the build of the code that is present in the Boost CVS.

> * when I try to build boost with a simple bjam stage at the root dir of
> boost, it succeeds

It works because it's using V1 at that point.

> * when I double check the BOOST_ROOT env var with a dir command- it
> shows me the right dir

Not really needed for you to set that. But no real harm done.

> * my TOOLS envvar is set to TOOLS=vc7.1
> This was necessary before being able to build boost

Or doing "bjam -sTOOLS=vc7.1", would also work. You did read the
"Getting Started" instructions right ;-)

> * when I CD into the HELLO example for bjam and try a
> Bjam
> warning: no toolsets are configured.
> warning: you won't be able to build C++ programs.
> warning: please consult the documentation.
> C:/Data/Rmtg/Root/_Common/_Lib/Boost/V_1_31/tools/build/v2/build\targets

And it doesn't work because all the examples in ../build/v2 are using V2
of Boost.Build. You need to read the instructions I pointed out earlier
on how to use and setup that new version.

> If I COPY the files in \tools\build\v2\example\hello to the ROOT of
> boost (and overwrite the jam file there)- IT DOES BUILD PROPERLY

You got lucky ;-) I would have thought that would not work either.

> I have build bjam and stepped through it in the IDE and was not able to
> make much of what the source was doing (other than it looks like a lot
> of recursive parsing of files) (spent most of my evening yesterday doing
> that.

Ahh, that was likely a waste of time. sorry :-(

> * Which is the right version of boost to be running here?

See above for answer.

> * does the \tools\build\v2\example\hello sample bjam compile for anyone
> else? (i.e. is it broken?)

Yes, but it requires additional work on your part. It's not automatic
like V1 is. [[yet]]

> * is there a good sample of a simple working example for bjam somewhere
> else?

For V1 you can look in ../tools/build/v1/example/...

> * Any ideas on why I can BUILD BOOST but not any of the subprojects
> (everything else I have tried has the same problems)

Also already answered.

> * How do you folks debug this thing- ****any**** techniques would be
> helpful

It helps to start out with the right foot. Otherwise careful placement
of prints in the jam code itself, coupled with careful use of the -d
debug options.

> I am doing this pain because I am trying to get boost defined as the
> standard in my company (It is within my power to do that). I would also
> like to use the bjam tool as our standard build tool, but I FIRST need
> to figure out how to build projects with it (grin).

Only two suggestions:

1) Read the documentation, for V1 it's in tools/build/v1, and for V2
it's in tools/build/v2.

2) Ask more questions at the Boost.Build list (see where others are
also likely to answer.

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