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From: Rene Rivera (grafik.list_at_[hidden])
Date: 2004-08-06 16:48:57

Aaronburro_at_[hidden] wrote:

> Howdy, Sorry if this gets posted twice. i tried the webpage over at
>, but it doesn't look like it got posted, so I
> subscribed(yay).

Regardless of what Gmane says the group requires that you subscribe
before letting you post.

> Anyway, I'm trying to install Boost on Windows with the DJGPP
> compiler for c++. I've basically done nothing but get one big
> headache trying to follow the instructions at

I personally haven't tried that one.. so many G++ variants.

Which version of Boost? -- I'll assume 1.31.0 for now :-)

> So far, I have bjam in my windows\system32 directory.

Which version of bjam? Where did you get it from?

>I tried to set
> it up to use DJGPP, a variant of gcc, but it doesn't seem to like my
> request. bjam keeps trying to use g++ instead of gpp, even though I
> gave it the GXX=gpp option. It also can't seem to find the directory
> of DJGPP, even though I used the GCC_ROOT_DIRECTORY=C:\DGJPP\ option
> as well.

What was the commands you used? I just tried this:

C:\Boost\boost_1_31_0>bjam -sGXX=gpp -sGCC_ROOT_DIRECTORY=C:\DGJPP
-sTOOLS=gcc -n stage

And it's trying to execute commands like this (-n is the option to only
echo the commands):

C:\DGJPP/bin/\gpp -c -Wall -ftemplate-depth-100
-f no-inline -I"bin\boost\libs\date_time\build" -I
"C:\Boost\boost_1_31_0" -o

Which seems correct.

>I am thoroughly stumped, and the documents over at
> seem to have been written by monkeys, albeit ones with good
> spelling and grammar.

Which documents? Although opinions vary, most people I've met don't
consider me a monkey... But I must grant you there is some evolutionary
resemblance ;-)

[[ I'm an easy going person, so the monkey comment doesn't phase me...
But you'll likely get better responses if you don't come off as
insulting people. ]]

> I am fairly computer literate, but those
> things are like rocket science to me(and I'm a nuclear engineer ;))
> I'd use Boost.Build's .bat file, but I can't get bjam to work right,
> and then God only knows what I'll do from there, so I'd greatly
> appreciate a more "step-by-step" approach which is geared towards a
> WindowsXP user. Bryan Burroughs

Did you read the "Getting Started" document? It's supposed to be the
step by step instructions.
Getting Started

(Or you can find it in the distribution at */more/getting_started.html)

If you did, I'd certainly like to get feedback on how to improve it.

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