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From: jordi (jordil2_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-01-03 12:05:13

John Maddock wrote:
>> I'm new in regex and this is my first post, so maybe the solution is
>> obvious
>> but I couldn't find it in google...
>> I need to parse the multiline output of a command, every line ends
>> with a \n
>> except the last one, which actually it ends with the end of buffe ("\0"
>> character). The output I need to parse is something like:
>> "text1 this is a multiple-word text\n
>> text2 another text"
>> (the second line does not have a newline)
>> As a result I want only two sub-expression in a line using a regex like:
>> (\w+)\s+([^\n]+)\n
>> The first submatch should be the first word ("text1" and "text2"),
>> while the
>> second submatch would be the rest of the line ("this is a multiple-word
>> text" and "another text")
>> In my program I use regex_search with the boost::match_continuous option,
>> all the other regex objects are created with the default options.
> It depends whether you want to capture the newline character or not, if
> you do then:
> (\w+)\s+([^\n]+)(?:\n|$)
> would do the trick, otherwise if you don't want the newline character
> (just the contents of each whole line) then:
> ^(\w+)\s+([^\n]+)$
> Used without the match_continuous flag would do it.
> John.
Thanks for your reply.

I will try...

Best regards,


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