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From: Delfin Rojas (drojas_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-05-03 14:57:36

I think this is indeed a great idea. I believe I'm not speaking only for
myself when I say the more I use boost the more I relate it to C++ at large.
Many times I find myself thinking "what would be the boost community advice
about so and so?" Indeed, the advice I have gotten at this boost-users
mailing list is remarkable and it has both encouraged me to look into boost
for solutions, and also helped me build better software.

It would be great to have a sharing place for ideas on how to use C++
better; a place open to C++ programmers of all levels wanting to know more
and wanting to share their knowledge.


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> Hello people,
> In 1998, Bemans Dawes wrote the "Proposal for a C++ Library Repository Web
> Site" (you can find the paper in (, which
> lunched the Boost we all know and love today.
> The focus of the site was and is the production of high-quality
> peer-reviewed C++ libraries.
> Over the years, Boost grew as a community of experienced C++ developers
> with
> the will and means to share their expertise and work contributing to the
> highly respected Boost Libraries. Today, Boost is a somewhat recongisable
> part of the C++ programming community at large.
> Today, the way I see it, Boost as a community encompases only the boost
> developers, which are just a fraction of the larger C++ crowd. There are
> certainly Boost users, but I don't think we can say both developers and
> users form a community. I think is worth and in-the-spirit to reach out
> for
> ALL C++ programmers of ALL LEVELS around an "extended" Boost Community
> whose
> main sharing point is not just the submission of high-quality libraries
> but
> also the efficient and effective use of the language.
> A Boost Community site would focus not directly in the Libraries produced
> by
> Boost but on C++ itself as the great language we all love and on fostering
> proper use of it (which includes mixing it with other languages when
> appropiate).
> It would be volunteer-driven, just like the Boost libraries are, so the
> site
> would be moderated but open for external edition (I think a wiki would
> work).
> I envision it having home page links to the fundamental resources for C++
> programmers (CUJ,ACCU, "the" books, etc), blogs from developers and users
> (related to state of the art C++ and/or the boost libraties), important
> C++
> related news (not just boost-library related news), reviews, etc...
> essentially, everything the will of volunteers can bring on to the
> community. The motto being "fostering proper use of C++".
> A minimum of moderation would be required but I assume not much.
> I know there are other programmer communities around (even C++ focused).
> The
> reason I propose this here (around Boost) is becasue I think that a
> community centered around the Boost Libraries but reaching out could stand
> out for its quality in the same way the Boost Libraries do.
> I also know that a newsgroup or mailing list is a form of community, and
> we
> have c.l.cpp.m and c.s.cpp. But they lack the verstile structure and
> dynamism of the today's virtual communities. Also, somehow I believe that
> centering a community around the Boost Libraries would spread their
> quality
> into the rest of the site; to some degree at least.
> I welcome comments, ctricticism and I call interested people to put
> forward
> concrete ideas.
> Best
> Fernando Cacciola
> SciSoft
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