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From: Foster, Gareth (gareth.foster_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-05-04 03:40:37

Hello all,

As a C++ developer, and a developer who is coming to appreciate the
usefulness of Boost, I think this is a great idea.

There isn't really a focal point on the web for C++ developers, at least not
in the sense that Java developers have in, Mono developers have
in, and as menitoned by somebody else, PHP developers have in Boost certainly has enough clout to make this happen.

The idea of having the following C++/Boost oriented things on one site is

* blogs for people with influence over the development of the C++ standard
(think planet),
* blogs for heavy boost contributors (think planet),
* documentation for C++/Boost with user anotations +
* forum
* news section feat. latest compiler news and c++/boost developments etc

        + see recent work murray cumming did in adding anotation facilities
to gtkmm docs

I am sure there are more ideas, but that summarises the best of them I hope.

Useful links that might help get this off the ground.

// will help with blogs
// will help with site design
// murray's annotation effort

It would be nice to get the site looking good right from the outset, whilst
a "Name Competition" might not merrit a two month wait, I think perhaps a
site design competition would. Look at sites like the Firefox page, a real
central C++/Boost resource looking that professional would have to be good
for C++ as a language.

I hope my comments and thoughts add something to the discussion.

All the best,


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> From: Fernando Cacciola [mailto:fernando_cacciola_at_[hidden]]
> Sent: 03 May 2005 17:42
> To: boost-users_at_[hidden]
> Subject: [Boost-users] The Boost Community
> Hello people,
> In 1998, Bemans Dawes wrote the "Proposal for a C++ Library
> Repository Web
> Site" (you can find the paper in
> (, which
> lunched the Boost we all know and love today.
> The focus of the site was and is the production of high-quality
> peer-reviewed C++ libraries.
> Over the years, Boost grew as a community of experienced C++
> developers with
> the will and means to share their expertise and work
> contributing to the
> highly respected Boost Libraries. Today, Boost is a somewhat
> recongisable
> part of the C++ programming community at large.
> Today, the way I see it, Boost as a community encompases only
> the boost
> developers, which are just a fraction of the larger C++
> crowd. There are
> certainly Boost users, but I don't think we can say both
> developers and
> users form a community. I think is worth and in-the-spirit to
> reach out for
> ALL C++ programmers of ALL LEVELS around an "extended" Boost
> Community whose
> main sharing point is not just the submission of high-quality
> libraries but
> also the efficient and effective use of the language.
> A Boost Community site would focus not directly in the
> Libraries produced by
> Boost but on C++ itself as the great language we all love and
> on fostering
> proper use of it (which includes mixing it with other languages when
> appropiate).
> It would be volunteer-driven, just like the Boost libraries
> are, so the site
> would be moderated but open for external edition (I think a
> wiki would
> work).
> I envision it having home page links to the fundamental
> resources for C++
> programmers (CUJ,ACCU, "the" books, etc), blogs from
> developers and users
> (related to state of the art C++ and/or the boost libraties),
> important C++
> related news (not just boost-library related news), reviews, etc...
> essentially, everything the will of volunteers can bring on to the
> community. The motto being "fostering proper use of C++".
> A minimum of moderation would be required but I assume not much.
> I know there are other programmer communities around (even
> C++ focused). The
> reason I propose this here (around Boost) is becasue I think that a
> community centered around the Boost Libraries but reaching
> out could stand
> out for its quality in the same way the Boost Libraries do.
> I also know that a newsgroup or mailing list is a form of
> community, and we
> have c.l.cpp.m and c.s.cpp. But they lack the verstile structure and
> dynamism of the today's virtual communities. Also, somehow I
> believe that
> centering a community around the Boost Libraries would spread
> their quality
> into the rest of the site; to some degree at least.
> I welcome comments, ctricticism and I call interested people
> to put forward
> concrete ideas.
> Best
> Fernando Cacciola
> SciSoft
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