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From: Dave Steffen (dgsteffen_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-05-05 19:30:50

Hi Folks,

I got many responses, both here and privately, to my question about
associative vectors. Some people sent me their own home-grown
versions; a few pointed out how much fun it is to write your own; some
pointed to Boost's, which have apparently languished for lack of
interest; and many pointed Loki's AssocVector.

To one and all: thanks!!

Yes, it would be fun to write it myself - kinda hoping I can justify
it. But doing this would be low on my list of priorities, and I was
hoping to get something in quickly.

My company has to be very careful about intellectual property issues,
because we've got some very valuable stuff and other companies have
tried very, very sneaky ways to get their IP tentacles into us. So, I
can't use anybody's home-grown versions, without taking them to
management and getting the OK. Not a problem, but still necessary.

Similarly with the Loki version --- not because there's anything wrong
with it, but just because we haven't officially decided that Loki is
OK to incorporate. (We'd have to have our people review the licence,
etc. etc.)

The only external library that we use is Boost, which is why I was
hoping that Boost had an "official" version.

I don't want to (re)start the Boost vs. Loki thing, but I personally
think that Boost _should_ have an "official" version of this. Well,
_someone_ should: one of the reasons for standardization (as in
ANSI/ISO) is to standardize common practice; apparently an associative
vector class is common, 'cause a load of people have one. :-) And
since Boost seems to be one of the driving forces behind additions to
the standard library, I think an associative vector class would be a
good and useful thing for Boost to have.

Is there any chance of getting vec_multiset and company under
development again?

Dave Steffen, Ph.D. "Irrationality is the square root of all evil"
Software Engineer IV -- Douglas Hofstadter
Numerica Corporation
ph (970) 419-8343 x27 "Oppernockity tunes but once." -- anon.
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