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From: Brett Gmoser (aftli_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-05-06 09:46:02

Robert Ramey wrote:
> I don't know whether your using 1.32 or CVS version. I also don't know the
> larger context which would be helpful to explain the issue here.

I originally was using 1.32, but when I started having problems with
Serialization (about three days ago), I pulled boost off of CVS .

> This permits const correctness in that Saving doesn't (and better not
> because of tracking) change the state of x while Loading will in change it.

You offer great insight on this, it makes sense. I'll try it out as soon
as possible and give a reply to let you know how I made out.

> Second Problem
> ===========
> This pain it the neck is resolved with the next version (1.33) where the
> serialization library implemetns auto_linking of the correct library for
> platforms which support it>

Well, just an FYI then, the CVS version still doesn't work when using
multi threaded CRTs. :) As I mentioned above, I'm using a 3 day old
CVS. I can deal with it, though.

> Hmm using the s.lib with a mulit-threaded CRT library would do it.
> Try the folloing.
> a) Try to build and execute the demo program.
> b) Assuming your using the VC IDE. Look at the *.vcproj files that are
> included with the package and compare them with your own.
> c) once you've been able to get the demo to build in your environment, move
> on to your own app.

I'll take a look, but I've done the following:

1. Create a new project (I'm using Visual Studio .NET 2003)
2. Insert a new source file, paste the (first) example from the
Serialization documentation.
3. Change to multi threaded CRTs.

The project won't link. The only .lib file that the project will link up
with is the serialization*s.lib (the exact name escapes me right now).

This isn't to say I probably can't work around this (somehow). And
although I *really* hate to scream "bug" and have it be a user error, I
am starting to think there may actually be a problem with the library.

Thanks again for your insight, it's much appreciated.


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