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From: Elmar Loos (elInfo_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-05-06 15:30:05

Reply to Jonathan's Mail from Fri, May 06, 2005 at 11:24:00AM -0600.

Hello Jonathan,

> Although I'm the author of iostreams, I don't know much about bjam, so I'm not
> sure what's going on. When I run bjam from the iostreams build directory, it
> works fine.
Maybe it's a platform problem? I tried with gcc-3.4 on linux and got:

In file included from /home/elmar/data/src/boost/boost/iostreams/filter/bzip2.hpp:28,
                 from ../src/bzip2.cpp:13:
/home/elmar/data/src/boost/boost/iostreams/filter/symmetric_filter_adapter.hpp: At
   global scope:
/home/elmar/data/src/boost/boost/iostreams/filter/symmetric_filter_adapter.hpp:302: error: ISO
   C++ forbids declaration of `symmetric_filter_adapter_impl' with no type
/home/elmar/data/src/boost/boost/iostreams/filter/symmetric_filter_adapter.hpp:302: error: no
   `int boost::iostreams::symmetric_filter_adapter<SymmetricFilter,
   Alloc>::symmetric_filter_adapter_impl(SymmetricFilter*, int)' member
   function declared in class `
   boost::iostreams::symmetric_filter_adapter<SymmetricFilter, Alloc>'
/home/elmar/data/src/boost/boost/iostreams/filter/symmetric_filter_adapter.hpp:302: error: template
   definition of non-template `int
   Alloc>::symmetric_filter_adapter_impl(SymmetricFilter*, int)'

> You might try defining the variable NO_COMPRESSION -- which I guess
> should be IOSTREAMS_NO_COMPRESSION -- to tell bjam not to look for zlib and
> gzip.
Unfortunately, this changes nothing.



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