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From: pankaj jain (pankaj_jain_101_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-05-09 13:03:59

Hi , I am new user of boost.python. Please help me in solving this problem.
problem 1) When I am running bjam from home/boost/libs/python/example/tutorial folder its running fine but building my in home/boost/bin/boost/libs/python/example/tutorial/ there any way to chagne the path for
problem 2): when I am running bjam from any other folder ( home/boost/sample) its giving me this error ::
/home/jamrules no such directory
.../.../allyourbase.jam 1451 see definition of rules "root-path: being called.
Please let me know any solution. Thanks for all your help

Joaquín Mª López Muñoz <joaquin_at_[hidden]> wrote:

Dave Snowdon ha escrito:

> I'd like to second what Stefan said. Before I started using boost (only
> a couple of months back) I'd seen references to it in many articles in
> the C++ User Journal not to mention a few C++ related books.

Maybe that's a significant difference wrt to the rest of the C++ community:
Many programmers are not subscribed to CUJ and do not buy
intermediate/advanced books (entry-level references do not usually list

I'd like a website that holds the attention of the casual comer. A newbie
with just a passing knowledge of what Boost is might be scared by
the contents of and never return back; a more friendly site,
with forums and stuff, is a more agreeable place to hang around and
eventually decide to try Boost for real.

Joaquín M López Muñoz
Telefónica, Investigación y Desarrollo

> After
> starting on a new C++ project I realised I needed some of the libraries
> mentioned and went straight for them. So it was not so much a case of
> "do I need boost?" but "where do I find the bits I need now, and how do
> I use them?"
> Dave
> Stefan Strasser wrote:
> > I don't think people come by accident to the boost page(and they
> > definitely don't to the community page) and need to be convinced that
> > they need boost.
> > they look for a specific library/class and they've been told, "boost
> > has that". later on they look what also is in boost.
> > at least that is how it worked for me.
> >
> > so a community page(especially user comments in documentation) helps a
> > new user to get into it. it is imho not the function of a community
> > page to raise interest. (and I think it can't).
> >
> > and I think the best thing you can do to bring a new user into the
> > community thing is to have documentation and user comments on the same
> > page(see php). because what a user definitely does is look at the
> > documentation when he's found the library he's looking for.
> >
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