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From: Rene Rivera (grafik.list_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-07-21 18:48:33

Edward Diener wrote:

One important thing you need to know is that this version of Boost.Build
is the last. After the 1.33 release, scheduled for August 1st, we will
be switching to version 2 of Boost.Build. So we have not spent the
effort to further document the dead version. Yes I know this doesn't
help you and others now. But all I can say is that the documentation for
the new version is considerably better.

> While I appreciate the information I find the state of the documentation
> regarding my question pretty ridiculous. You point me to three different links
> and in none of them is my simple question answered. The first link does not
> mention BUILD, the second link mentions what a feature is without mentioning
> BUILD, and the last link point me to a .jam file which supposedly I must
> understand just to determine how BUILD is used and even there I have no idea
> where to look.

The first link is to the section, it's the closest link, you need to
read to near the bottom of that section to see the reference. Try doing
a search for "-sBUILD" and you'll get to it faster.

> Surely BUILD needs to be documented somewhere in the Boost Build system
> documentation so that end-users would know how to use it to control the build of
> a library, or libraries, when using bjam. Or am I completely missing something
> which I myself do not understand, which may be something like "in order to
> understand how Boost build works in order to control a build effectively, one
> must study bjam, bjam files, and know how to read those files in order to
> understand how to use the bjam command line to control a build."

I think the misunderstanding is that BUILD is not really intended for
end users. Which is why it's a side note and not explained all that well.

> If this is indeed the case, which may be the decision of Boost build developers,
> consider that it might be a very steep learning curve for those wishing to build
> boost libraries and simply use the bjam command line to manipulate the build. I
> personally think it should be easier for the end-user using bjam to build
> libraries and that the Boost build documentation should actually document what
> features are available and how they can be used from the command line without
> requiring the end user to understand the writing of .jam files and the internals
> of how Boost build works. But I am willing to be wrong about that.

Yes, I agree, and the rest of the Boost.Build developers are also likely
to agree. Which is why considerable effort has been spent on the new
version and its documentation. (And much gratitude goes to Volodya for
the work over the past 3 years of work on BBv2)

In case you feel like reading about BBv2:

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