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From: Aaron (yilu_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-08-26 19:54:28

I want to make a program to grep all symbols in header file,like:

#define CMD_BASE 0x10000000
#define CMD_GETFile (CMD_BASE + 0X00000001) /* Get a file from srv*/

A singl symbole definition line will be extract to three parts:
1. symbol itself
2. the value of a symbol, it's a signed 32-bit value
3. comments about the symbol

I use the following pattern:
std::string ptn = "\\s*#define\\s+([^\\s]+)\\s+([^/]*)([^\r\n]*)";

I hope this pattern could do what I want, but when I use grep to do
the parsing, I got from above two lines:

what[1]: CMD_BASE
0x00001000#define CMD_GET_ALL_DOMAINNAME (CMD_IS_BASE+0x1)

you see, the match extend to the new line!

I noticed that when I use the same text, same pattern, doing the same
thing in a vbscript program, if I set "Global match" option, this
wouldn't happen. So, what's the counterpoint at boost::regex?

My code here:

bool OnGrepSingleLineSymbols(const
boost::match_results<std::string::const_iterator>& what)
    Symbol* sym = new Symbol;
    strcpy(sym->szSymbolName, what[1].str().c_str());
    strcpy(sym->szSymbolInfo, what[3].str().c_str());
    sym->nSymbolValue = ResolveMsgValue(sym->szSymbolName,

    return true;

void GrepSingleLineSymbols(CString& strSymContainer)
    //#define ARN_SUCCESS 0l //ARRON!'HAHA
    //#define Arn_error1 ARN_SUCCESS + 0X0F //AARON ERROR1
    static std::string ptn =
    static boost::regex re(ptn);

    std::string::const_iterator start, end;
    std::string text = strSymContainer;

    start = text.begin();
    end = text.end();
    boost::regex_grep(OnGrepSingleLineSymbols, start, end, re);

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