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Subject: [Boost-users] [BGL] Bundled properties and property maps
From: Alex Brooks (a.brooks_at_[hidden])
Date: 2008-11-18 06:41:21


I've used BGL before for representing graphs, but this is my first time with
an algorithm. I've been stuck for many hours trying to define a property map
with bundled properties, I'd really appreciate some help. I'm using gcc4.3,
boost 1.34. An example program and the compiler error are:

#include <boost/graph/graph_traits.hpp>
#include <boost/graph/adjacency_list.hpp>
#include <boost/graph/astar_search.hpp>

using namespace std;

class Point {
    double p_[2];

struct EdgeProp {
    double cost;

typedef boost::adjacency_list<boost::vecS,
                              EdgeProp> Graph;

typedef boost::graph_traits<Graph>::vertex_descriptor VertexRef;

class AStarHeuristic : public boost::astar_heuristic<Graph, double>
    double operator()( VertexRef vertex ) const {return 0.0;}

// exception for termination
struct FoundGoal {};

// A* Visitor that terminates when we reach the goal
class AStarVisitor : public boost::default_astar_visitor
    AStarVisitor( const VertexRef &goal )
        : goal_(goal) {}

    template <class Graph>
    void examine_vertex( VertexRef vertex, Graph &g )
            if( vertex == goal_ )
                throw FoundGoal();

    VertexRef goal_;

searchThroughGraph( const Graph &graph,
                    VertexRef start,
                    VertexRef goal,
                    std::vector<VertexRef> &shortestPath )
    AStarHeuristic aStarHeuristic;
    AStarVisitor aStarVisitor( goal );

    typedef boost::property_map<Graph, double EdgeProp::*>::type
    EdgeWeightMap edgeWeightMap = get(&EdgeProp::cost, graph);

    std::vector<VertexRef> predecessors(num_vertices(graph));
    try {
        astar_search( graph,
                      visitor(aStarVisitor) );
    catch ( const FoundGoal& )
        for ( VertexRef vertex = goal;; vertex = predecessors[vertex] )
            shortestPath.push_back( vertex );
            if ( predecessors[vertex]==vertex ) break;
        std::reverse( shortestPath.begin(), shortestPath.end() );
        return true;

    // If we get to here, we couldn't reach the goal
    return false;

int main()
    Graph graph;
    std::vector<VertexRef> path;
    return 0;


/home/a.brooks/shh/src/libs/prm/test/stupid.cpp: In function ‘bool
searchThroughGraph(const Graph&, VertexRef, VertexRef, std::vector<unsigned
int, std::allocator<unsigned int> >&)’:
/home/a.brooks/shh/src/libs/prm/test/stupid.cpp:64: error: conversion
from ‘boost::bundle_property_map<const boost::adjacency_list<boost::vecS,
boost::vecS, boost::undirectedS, Point*, EdgeProp, boost::no_property,
boost::listS>, boost::detail::edge_desc_impl<boost::undirected_tag, unsigned
int>, EdgeProp, const double>’ to non-scalar type ‘searchThroughGraph(const
Graph&, VertexRef, VertexRef, std::vector<unsigned int,
std::allocator<unsigned int> >&)::EdgeWeightMap’ requested


Does anyone know what might be wrong?

More generally, I'm a bit mystefied by the "<Graph, double EdgeProp::*>::type"
syntax -- can anyone give me any pointers about what this syntax means, or
where I can look it up? (googling for colon-colon-star doesn't help much).
I also tried pattern-matching from the documentation page about bundled
properties (the weight_map(get(&Highway::miles, map)) example) but couldn't
get this to compile either. Is this example correct?

Thanks very much in advance,


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