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Subject: Re: [Boost-users] Fast XML Parser
From: Jeff Dunlap (jeff_j_dunlap_at_[hidden])
Date: 2008-12-14 16:20:50

"Alan M. Carroll" <amc_at_[hidden]> wrote in message
> Let me start by saying that I am very happy with rapidXML. In fact, we
> have converted most of our XML parsing from various other libraries to
> rapidXML and have committed to a complete conversion over time (i.e.,
> using rapidXML as our only XML parsing library, including replacing
> Expat). We use XML almost exclusively as a serialization format and
> rapidXML is excellent for that use case.
> *However*, I would not recommend rapidXML if you are going to do
> non-trivial editing of in-place DOM trees. It is not, IMHO, well suited
> for that. If you're going to do a lot of editing, parsing speed shouldn't
> be your primary concern. You will want a much richer API as you go on and
> rapidXML just doesn't provide that. You could build one on top of
> rapidXML, but why bother when there's things just as good already out
> there?
> That said, I have some wrapper code that makes rapidXML even nicer, if
> you're interested, but it doesn't perform any edit, delete, or add
> operations since my code base does not perform any of those.

Hi Alan,

Thanks for responding. I've never used XML before and have been itching to
learn XML lately.

I figured my first task would be to create a web based log allowing web
visitors to comment on various articles I have posted on my website. I know
that user comments can be stored into a database but I'd like a simpler
approach since there are very few comments per article and I can create an
XML file for each article's comments. To me, this seems like a simpler,
easier to maintain approach than setting up a database for such a trivial

After looking at the various RapidXML it seems more complex to use than I
had initially thought, especially without beginner type samples. I'm
starting to think that I should just put visitor comments into a database
instead of banging my head with XML. What are your thoughts?

Best Regards,


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