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Subject: [Boost-users] [Boost users] MacPorts and Boost path issues
From: John Burgoon (noogrub_at_[hidden])
Date: 2009-03-16 11:54:33

I am a command-line user of C++ and boost.

I installed boost on Mac Leopard using mac ports like this:
sudo port install boost

I saw as it installed that macports was using bjam, and the version was

I want to use boost/regex.hpp, so I know it's not just a matter of including
a header file.

When I compile my own source files, I see a variety of paths, such as

My first question is, when I compile my work on command line using g++:
i.e., g++ myfile.cpp -o myfile
which of these paths should I include? I think I am supposed to do
something like
g++ -I /path/to/boost myfile.cpp -o myfile
but I do not understand how a person knows which dir to use.

Another way of asking this is: If YOU sat down at my machine and decided to
use boost, what would you do to a)find it and b)include it in your
pre-processor includes?

Is there clear documentation on how a fellow figures out where the install
is located, and then shows how to include it? Perhaps I simply don't know
what to ask for, but when I google for this I gfind a zillion unrelated

Do I in fact need to do the
every single time I compile something?? It occured to me to try a soft link
somewhere in my development dir to save typing, but in order to do that of
course I first need to figure out where boost actually resides in the

I also have fink installed on the system, and fink says that boost1.33 is
installed. So how in the world do I update fink to accept a later version?
When I try to update, fink says no update is needed.

Thanks in advance for the hand-holding. Boost is worth the effort to figure
it out, yes?

John Burgoon
Development Staff,
Informatics 304
812-856-1833 office
812-391-2428 cell
>>Insight without implementation is worthless. Get to work.

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