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Subject: [Boost-users] [interprocess] mapped_region::flush()
From: Stefan Strasser (strasser_at_[hidden])
Date: 2009-12-09 14:43:35


I have a few questions regarding mapped_region.

1. first of all, is mapped_region::flush() safe to use?

on linux it is implemented as msync(MS_SYNC) which seems fine, but on windows
it uses FlushViewOfFile alone, which IIUC does not flush the changes to disk.

"The FlushViewOfFile function [...] does not wait to return until the changes
are flushed from the underlying hardware disk cache and physically written to
disk. To flush all the dirty pages plus the metadata for the file and ensure
that they are physically written to disk, call FlushViewOfFile and then call
the FlushFileBuffers function."

I'm not sure if they really mean "hardware disk cache", since no sync or flush
function can entirely make sure of that. but FlushFileBuffers is documented
to flush operating system buffers. and the quote above says a call to
FlushFileBuffers is necessary.

can the mapped memory be accessed while another thread is calling flush()?
does that affect the flushing? it is still required that all data that was
written to the mapped region at the point of the flush() call is written to
disk when it returns. Interprocess' documentation doesn't say anything about
that and I can't seem to find any information about that on the underlying
functions mmap/FlushViewOfFile either.

and 3, not entirely boost related:
I get some strange performance results using mapped_region::flush() on linux
(not tested on windows so far). I already reduced the flush() calls to a
minimum but I still get better performance in many cases using my own filebuf
implementation that performs paging without hardware support, using a
using std::filebuf shouldn't be faster than hardware file mapping.
when I call flush() relatively frequently that in itself drives performance
down, but when I call it less frequently it blocks for noticeable amounts of
time. (thus, question 2)
do the offset/size arguments to mapped_region::flush() affect performance?
I could track what pages are changed, but I was under the assumption the OS
already does that.


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