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Subject: Re: [Boost-users] [Floating Point Utilities] where is the "nonfinite_num_facets.hpp"
From: Paul A. Bristow (pbristow_at_[hidden])
Date: 2011-04-02 09:54:21

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> Subject: [Boost-users] [Floating Point Utilities] where is the
> "nonfinite_num_facets.hpp"
> Hi
> As far as I understood, the Floating Point Utilities vault contribution by
> R°ade has been integrated in the Boost official release.
> I've been using the "nonfinite_num_facets.hpp" header file for a few years
> within old Boost versions, directly extracted from the vault ZIP file
released by
> Johan.
> Now, I can use the "fpclassify.hpp" file directly from the
> "boost/spirit/home/support/detail/math/" directory.
> Unfortunately I cannot find the "nonfinite_num_facets.hpp" file.
> Where can I find the "nonfinite_num_put/get" template class in say Boost
> 1.44 ?
> Maybe it has not been renamed in some other file or even not accepted at
> It is very useful for making my text and xml archives portable with NaNs
> infinity support.

In the absence of a reply from someone more knowledgeable ;-)

Johan's floating point utilities were reviewed and accepted

and the is still in the vault at

The nonfinite_num_facets.hpp file remains at

but the fpclassify.hpp 'official' release is now at


Perhaps it was just lack of time that meant it was not integrated into
Boost.Math from Johan's release? Or should it go elsewhere (hidden in a
Spirit detail doesn't sound ideal) Or is there some more sinister
difficulty? That you have used it successfully, suggests not. And it
sounds very useful, and others are using it too.

There are some plausible tests in the vault zip, and of course there are
other tests at


(but none for nonfinite_num_facets)

and some vault docs at nonfinite_num_facets.htm (though not in Quickbook
format, as used for the rest of Boost.Math) and a few rather skeletal
examples (but no actual runnable example files)?

Since you obviously know a lot about it, perhaps you'd like to contribute
some simpler, more and fuller examples?

If you can draft something out, I'm sure someone can assist getting it into
final shape.

Would it be sensible to move the vault facet files to sandbox, perhaps to a
folder fp_facets, so collaborative working is possible? Perhaps with a view
to moving into Boost.Math?


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