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Subject: Re: [Boost-users] Compilation of boost on HP-UX 11iv3 using aCC
From: Pravar (pravar.jawalkar_at_[hidden])
Date: 2011-09-30 02:16:26

>>I think HP develops/maintain compilers but do not test them against boost.
>>Compilation of code in many .hpp files in boost fails with aCC
>>compiler's latest version i.e. aCC: HP C/aC++ B3910B A.06.26 [Apr 12 2011].
>>Anybody doing serious development on c++ on HP-UX would be left with
>>only choice : gcc ( which is too not officially supported on HP-UX).
>>So, I wonder if one can do some serious work on HP-UX involving boost

>Can you be a bit more specific, about what boost libs you are using
>and what your compilation failures you are getting ?

I am using boost 1.45.0. I have tried to use both 'gcc' as well as 'acc' compilers.
In case of aCC ( version : A.06.26 ), I get errors in compilation of source code which uses boost. See below,

"/opt/boost/include/boost/interprocess/detail/move.hpp", line 90: error #2330-D:
           "boost::interprocess::file_lock::~file_lock()" (declared at line 75
           of "/opt/boost/include/boost/interprocess/sync/file_lock.hpp") is
      enum { value = sizeof(dispatch(trigger())) == sizeof(true_t) };
           detected during:
             instantiation of class
                       "boost::interprocess::move_detail::is_convertible<T, U>
                       [with T=boost::interprocess::file_lock,
                       &]" at line 174
             instantiation of class "boost::interprocess::is_movable<T> [with
                       T=boost::interprocess::file_lock]" at line 36 of
             instantiation of class "boost::enable_if<Cond, T> [with
                       &]" at line 69 of

>Up to boost 1.39 I had used gcc. I have not tested this with later
>version of boost
>or gcc.

Which version of aCC are you using ? It must be lower version as compared to A.06.26. I searched on web and found above errors are not generated by its predecessor versions.

>As I have stated in my previous email, I have successfully used boost 1.45
>on HP-UX.

Have you tried gcc or acc ? My problem is that lower versions of aCC are licensed ( I am currently using trial version of aCC ) and to use latest version too much boost code
needs to be hacked ! It is not at all a good idea.

And as i am using gcc, i found it too unusable as it is not stable enough to be used for a production level software. I have posted a related issue on below link,

>The only problems I have faced is with utf8_codecvt_facet.cpp, where I had
>to hack some code out. Apart from that it was ok. ( You will have to live
>with the mega long compilation times however. My own opinion is that
>HP-UX is crap as a development environment, I develop on linux,
>and then port to HP-UX)
I agree that HP-UX is not good for development.

>Because of the large number of warning I suppress the following
>in my jamfile.

># suppress - warning #2236-D: controlling expression is constant
># warning #2461-D: initial value of reference to non-const
>must be an lvalue
># warning #2191-D: type qualifier is meaningless on cast type
># warning #2815-D: type qualifier on return type is meaningless
># warning #4232-D: conversion from
>"boost::python::converter::rvalue_from_python_stage1_data *" to a more
>strictly aligned type
>*" may cause misaligned access
># warning #4189-D: warning #4189-D: a non-POD class type
>used in offsetof macro
>== 0);

>using acc : : :<compileflags>+W2236,2461,2191,2815,4232,4189
>Hope that helps

Thanks for above suggestions !

    Best regards,
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