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Subject: [ggl] Convention of headers inclusion
From: Bruno Lalande (bruno.lalande)
Date: 2009-04-14 05:06:58


>> So I would propose the order is:
>> 1) boost headers
>> 2) geometry headers (because ggl might once belong to boost)
>> within geometry:
>> a) core
>> b) strategies
>> c) algorithms
>> 3) std headers

I agree except for the std headers, which I usually place in first.
This avoids to have any other header influencing them in any way, such
as macro definition, use of reserved names, or anything else. So I
usually use this order:

standard C headers
std headers
boost headers
3rdparty libraries headers
my headers (here: GGL headers)

But as Barend said, GGL headers are meant to belong to Boost one day,
so they could be placed just after Boost headers...

BTW, thanks for the subscription to the GGL list :-) Sorry for my
absence this weekend about all that, I was a bit busy.


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