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Subject: [ggl] Updating tests
From: Barend Gehrels (Barend.Gehrels)
Date: 2009-04-20 10:18:14

Hi Mateusz,
> Please, make a plan and feel free to assign me with these tasks.
OK, sounds good. Let's assign not a boring task as moving and renaming,
but anticipate on the roadmap. I would like two things in the near
future, which are probably nice to develop:

1) WKB support. I think with your knowlegde and with the WKT as sample
you'll know enough. Streaming is convenient here, like in WKT (but here
also for the input - actually maybe in WKT as well)

2) multi-point in polygon. The first approach might be to call point in
polygon N times (for a multi-point of N points). However, considering a
polygon with V vertices, it will (if K < N) probably much faster to walk
only once through the V vertices, keeping administration in a collection
of size N. This is probably an interesting task and you can also compare
the performance of the two approaches. It is even possible to take an
approach depending on K / N.
Besides that it should be there, I also need it internally for the
buffer/intersection/union where I'm busy with (sometimes), and there I
don't need to know true/false of the collection but per point, and it is
not a multi-point in strict sense but a point-collection.
This probably touches all aspects of the library. The result might be
that the current implementation also has to change. There are currently
more strategies, please take the winding one from
strategies/agnostic/agn_within.hpp as the base.

If you like these tasks you can choose either of them in any order.

I will take care of the folder structure at Friday 25 april, starting
about 13:00 (Dutch time), if you can commit everything that we'll have a
sort of atomic change then without merging.

About the namespace: OK, let's take ggl instead of geometry, I'll take
that in the same round.

Regards, Barend

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