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Subject: [ggl] Reviewing GGL against Boost requirements
From: Barend Gehrels (Barend.Gehrels)
Date: 2009-04-20 10:53:13

> Also, sometimes it may be helpful to put
> }; // class T
> or
> }; // struct T
> comment if a file consists of number of classes and class definitions
> are long.
Don't see this a lot in boost. OK for me, but only if it is "very" long.

>>> - I prefer a struct above a class because, especially in templates,
>>> many is
>>> public, often there is no protected / private at all
>> Even if a struct and a class are technically the same, there's a
>> strong "emotional" difference between them in the head of most
>> programmers. "class" is often used for classes meant to produce actual
>> objects, which have methods and an active role in the runtime
>> functioning of the program. "struct" is rather used either for POD
>> structures, or for classes used at compile-time like metafunctions,
>> tags, traits, etc... So if the code above was mine I guess I'd choose
>> "class", but I'm open to use "struct" if you really prefer.
> Same here.
I agree with this, OK for me. Updated the development_notes

Regards, Barend

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