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Subject: [ggl] Tests compilation broken (temporarily)
From: Mateusz Loskot (mateusz)
Date: 2009-05-01 12:41:41

Barend Gehrels wrote:
>> Yes, I use Property Sheets quite often and added them to SOCI.
> I saw them using SOCI. SOCI is cool,

Off-topic: Perhaps you could share some comments about SOCI,
how do you find it, how do you actually use it, does it work well...?
You can send it directly to me, and I'll forward it to
Maciej Sobczak and other teammates.

> I added a sample combining GGL and
> SOCI and wanted to add a few more (using WKB e.g.). Then I wanted to
> contact Soci if they are interested in such a thing but now that I know
> you're one of the contributors, it will be done automatically :-)

Looks like you're reading somehow my personal TODO list :-)
SOCI has nice feature of generic type conversions, so it's easy to
for instance read geometry from PostGIS as GGL geomtry types,
Yes, I've been thinking of it since I started digging GGL code.

There are too many ideas :-)
So, as my short term tasks, I've taken segment iterator + WKB IO.

>> So, I'd consider the property sheets as a temporary solution.
>> It works for now and we don't need user-friendly building
>> configuration, I think.
> I agree. Most C++ users can change one or two properties by hand, if
> they use Boost they know how to turn it on.


> Even using SOCI (I use it for a project) I don't use it anymore, I've my
> own project file compiling it together with its project source files
> (and GGL), not as a lib, not as a dll.


>> Later, I'd vote for CMake - multiplatform meta-builder.
> I'll have a look at CMake.

It's main advantage is that it can generate many types of build systems,
for instance, for Windows it burns Visual Studio projects.
That's why I call it metabuilder :-)

>>> Maybe we can add the two dependant libraries in the samples (GD and
>>> shapelib) to them or to a special version of them. That would be very
>>> handy.
>> You're reading my mind :-)
>> Good idea, especially they are a few files only.
>> I can do that during the weekend.
> Nice. I now think it also might be confusing for people who don't want
> to use those. So maybe we can add two independant sample sheets, one
> basic, one with all external libraries (so also Soci :-)

Good idea.

>>> I also like your careful exploration and corrections of header files
>>> like size_t -> std::size_t, etc, I was not always too keen on that.
>> OK. I like strict compilation mode, so I fix such small issues
>> if you don't mind.
>> By the way, have you tried to compile GGL with Comeau C/C++ ?
> No.

Me too. However, when it's close to releasing, I'm going to do some
tests with this compiler, for strict standard-aware compilation.

Best regards,

Mateusz Loskot,

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