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Subject: [ggl] Naming template parameters
From: Mateusz Loskot (mateusz)
Date: 2009-05-03 10:52:03

Barend Gehrels wrote:
> Hi,
>> What do you think about stealing template parameters naming from
>> Spirit so they are yet easier to recognize.
>> We've agreed to use CamelCase, but Spirit proposes a slight
>> modification: CamelCaseT with T postfix.
> I thought about it. It sounds not too attractive to me. The changes
> we made until sofar were to comply to the Boost Guidelines. I'm
> slowly getting used to them. These guidelines are not too strict,
> there is some variation among different boost libraries. I think
> Spirit uses such a deviation, indeed to make it clear what is a
> template. I don't know why, the CamelCase is unique and clear enough
> (now that typedefs are or will be in lower case). Spirit also has the
> _t postfix for typedefs, which is also a bit too much for me.

Barend, Bruno,

I've applied some refactoring to ggl/geometries/* and for instance, for
polygon class, I decided to use _type postifx for typedef declarations.
I'm not sure about it, however.

I thought it makes sense to distinct class name of alias name,
especially name of public alias. Also, std library uses _type
postfix for aliases exposed as public interface of a class.

For example, I changed "B" alias this way:

template <typename P, std::size_t C, std::size_t D>
struct indexed_access<box<P>, C, D>

    typedef box<P> box_type;

What do you think about it?

As I've said, for now I cleaned up ggl/geometries, not more.
But if we accept this suffix, then I'll use it in other modules.

Best regards,

Mateusz Loskot,
Charter Member of OSGeo,

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