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Subject: [ggl] inline keyword in class definition
From: Barend (barend)
Date: 2009-05-10 16:10:51

>> Besides that, GCC doesn't optimize well on Windows regarding
>> Windows-specific stuff only. But the general optimizations mechanics,
>> like inlining, remain unchanged.
> Right. By the way, I've found an interesting comparison:
> C++ Performance Benchmarks (VC++ 2008 vs. MinGW gcc 4.3)
> I've always been sceptic about any form of GCC under Windows
> (though I love GCC on Unix). Perhaps I should change my mind
> about MinGW :-)
Sure. With our comparison program, MinGW-compiled-executables are 20% -
50% faster than VC++ 2005 compiled-executables. So I've no complains.
The compilation itself is slower though and uses much more memory.

Then: 2008 is for me (very weird) much much slower than 2005. Factor 5
- >10 slower (so 13.7 seconds instead of 0.94 seconds for a simplify).
I checked and checked and cannot find anything I did wrong... Probably I
did something wrong but cannot find. It would be good if someone else
compares these two. I talked about this with a Microsoft guy at
BoostCon. According to him the compilers are nearly the same. So there
must be something different.

Regards, Barend

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