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Subject: [ggl] inline keyword in class definition
From: Barend Gehrels (barend.gehrels)
Date: 2009-05-11 16:36:26

>> I've rechecked it and I rebuilt the project file from scratch. Set the
>> _SECURE_SCL define again. Optimizing, release mode. This does not help.
>> Then I compiled from the commandline. This helps: I now get about the
>> same performance (slightly slower in some cases). So at least we know
>> that the compiler is OK. It is somewhere in the project file...
>> Anyway, it's working. Checked some things more, removed the manifest
>> file, changed to multithreaded (without DLL). Same effect. It might be
>> something in my environment, having 2005 and 2008 together, maybe the
>> 2008 steals some settings automatically from 2005 (while in the command
>> line it is OK).
> What do I need to do in order to reproduce the faulty behavior?
> Regards Hartmut
The code is in svn/.../other/comparisons/ggl/ggl_check2005.vcproj and
ggl_check2008.vcproj (a solution will then be created automatically or
you can use the sln from one folder above).
The project contains shapelib as well, to read the data, there is a
folder in SVN (comparisons/common/shapelib-1.2.10) but didn't add the
files. In case you don't have them:
(I didn't check the files in because the comparisons contain many
external libraries, they can be downloaded separately).
The references to common and to the ggl headerfiles should be relative
and OK. Boost is nowhere mentioned, I have it in my global includes,
using 1.39 now.

The data (shapefiles) finally can be downloaded freely from, also
mentioned in common.hpp. There is a path there, you can use that path or
change it (it was planned that it could read argv but I see now that it
is specified but not yet implemented)

All comparison programs work with these data. Reading the data is not
included in the tests.

Great if you can do this test. If you've any questions I'll be of course

Regards, Barend

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