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Subject: [ggl] Re: Visual Studio projects
From: Bruno Lalande (bruno.lalande)
Date: 2009-05-12 10:29:35

> Hmm, I didn't know.
> I've tried but couldn't find anything in Boost Build V2 manual
> neither in Boost old and new Wikis.

Boost.Build documentation is not the best doc ever indeed, but this
kind of thing is fundamentally hard to document well.

The Boost distribution embeds a Boost.Build facility (in
tools/build/v2), but not Bjam. If you are under Linux you can compile
it from the Boost distribution, or download the package depending on
your distro. If you are under Windows, just download the latest
version from sourceforge (in the Boost project). It comes as a mere

In my experience, the 2 only variables necessary are BOOST_ROOT and
BOOST_BUILD. BOOST_ROOT must point to the root of a Boost distribution
and BOOST_BUILD must point to the root of a Boost.Build. So I set them

<boost> being my Boost distribution (for instance ~/boost_1_19_0). Set
those variables, and launch Bjam in a directory that contains a
Jamfile, like the test directory in GGL.

Tell me if you can get to a result with those informations.


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