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Subject: [ggl] spatial index
From: Federico J. Fernández (federico.fernandez)
Date: 2009-07-30 07:56:05

> Hi,
> I revisited the spatial index and found that the Point template-parameter
> is hardly used, and can be anything.
> In rtree_node and rtree_leaf it is not used at all, in rtree it is used
> but directly calls Box there, so in fact it does not bring any
> functionality.
> If something like that would be there, it would be good to have a template
> method there, such as
> template <typename Geometry>
> inline void insert(Geometry const& key, Key const& key)
> {
> // calling ggl::envelope to get the box, and inserting that Box/key
> }
> Is it OK to remove the Point template parameter and methods? Chris, are you
> using it? Federico, am I disturbing your plans if I do this?
> If I remove it, I will also do the (agreed) double-name-removal, such that
> ggl::index::rtree::rtree<box, void, int> (void stands here for the
> point-type...)
> will then be
> ggl::index::rtree<box, int>

Sorry for the delay, I'm still very busy, but Yes, you can remove it :)


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