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Subject: [ggl] Re: Move a point_ll by a distance
From: Barend Gehrels (Barend.Gehrels)
Date: 2009-10-22 12:26:52

Hi Richard,

> many thanks for the code. I thought it would be more complicated than
> that. But it works perfectly well.
Good to hear.
> Meanwhile I ran into another problem.
> In one sourcefile I use the wkt streaming operator without problems, but
> in another file, I get a compiler error as soon as I include
> <streamwkt.hpp> on the following statement:
> void flight_grabber::read_json(const boost::filesystem::path &jsonfile)
> {
> std::cout << "Reading json file : " << jsonfile << std::endl;
> error: ambiguous overload for ?operator<<? in ?std::operator<<
> [...]
> Any idea why that could be and how to resolve it?

Yes, I've had this once with another object. However, I cannot reproduce
it now, using the same boost::filesystem::path

What happens is that the generic stream manipulator in streamwkt picks
the object, while it should not.

I would advise using ggl::wkt(geometry) now and not include
streamwkt.hpp. That is always save.

We can probably solve this problem using SFINAE, but that has to be
found out.

Regards, Barend

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