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Subject: [ggl] A few more thoughts about infrastructure
From: Barend Gehrels (Barend.Gehrels)
Date: 2010-02-28 17:22:15

Hi Mateusz, list,

> It may be interesting in terms of our recent talks about Boost Geometry
> infrastructure, where to place things like bug tracer, mailing list,
> wiki, website and not to make the project scattered too much
> as it would likely make thinks very confusing to users
> and developers too.
My opinion is to move to Boost as much as possible, to avoid scattering.
So SVN is already there, including Trac. So tickets can be made there as
well. Wiki is there and the current pages can be moved too. Is current
left the mailing list (@osgeo) and the website (@geodan). The
website_at_geodan can forward to the documentation at Boost, as soon as the
library is incorporated. Until that moment it can stay as it is now, or
even updated if necessary (note that it is often cited by Google).

The mailing list, yes, it is logical to move it to Boost as well, as a
project-specific mailing lists.
However, I'm doubing about this one because it is currently working very
well and I'm thankful that osgeo is hosting this. There are currently 43
people subscribed. If we stay here, we stay close (or closer) to the
osgeo community which can have advantages as well.... Any more opinions
on this?

Regards, Barend

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