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Subject: [ggl] about multi geometry support
From: barend (barend.gehrels)
Date: 2010-04-29 02:45:42

I found some algorithms still can't work with multi geometry. For

"transform" only supports multi_polygon, although it seems we only need

add some "dispatch::transform" partial specialization to make it work.

"intersection" seems have no dispatch for any multi geometry. Is there

deep reason these support not done it? I've wrote some dispatch for

algorithms to support multi geometry, and they are all straightforward

the facilities already done in the lib.
Yes, in most cases it is straightforward and the most probable reason is
time / priority.
But for intersection and union, it is not necessary, they work for
multi-polygons and for polygon/multi-polygon combinations.
If you have the dispatches implemented, you might send them to me (or to the
list), they are welcome, and I will include them. If you have accompanying
unit testcases they are welcome as well.
Thanks, Barend
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