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Subject: [ggl] Re: Incorrect polygon area and problem with the boost::geometry::correct
From: Vishnu (vrang3)
Date: 2011-03-20 21:01:43

>>So version 0.8 appears to have an error indeed in the "correct" function.
That error is solved shortly afterwards. I know what it is - rings were
accidentally copied by value there for reversal, with the changes in
interior-ring-types for better support for custom polygon types. I suspect
that this same error also causes the compilation issue in 0.8. The best I
can do is create a new tagged version (0.9). Is that OK for you?

Hi Barend,

Thanks for confirming the problem. I checked out code from the trunk using

> svn co boost-geometry

This gives me only some of the files that appear in a tagged branch (e.g.,
0.8). So I made a copy of my entire boost_1_46_1 hierarchy that included the
boost-geometry folders from version 0.8 and replaced only the folder
boost_1_46_1/boost/geometry with the boost/geometry files I got from the

Using this newer code from the trunk, even the unmodified example
'c06_custom_polygon_example.cpp' will not compile with g++ 4.5.1 (on ubuntu
10.10). Previously, it was only the modified example with the call to
'correct' that did not compile on linux. Maybe the libs/geometry folder that
came with v0.8 is incompatible with the boost/geometry folder in the trunk?

If you are confirming that the code I pasted into codepad will work with a
tagged version, having a tagged version would be very helpful. Of course, I
assume that would include not only code from the boost/geometry folder but
also stuff from libs/geometry (and whatever else is making it work for you
but not for me).

>>Are you sure you have defined the correct ring-types traits? There were
changes between 0.6.0 and trunk.

You didn't mention this in your most recent post. Do you think this is no
longer an issue?


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