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Subject: [ggl] spacial index
From: Bruno Lalande (bruno.lalande)
Date: 2011-03-29 05:08:50


> The thing is, it stores values in leafs. Classic approach will be to use
> Value of type std::pair<Box, Id> but it may be anything. IMO it's better to
> have Value argument on the parameters list: rtree<Value>. So the user knows
> that there is a hierarchy of nodes and at the bottom values are stored, and
> values will be retrieved by some query. And the translator just translates
> Value to Indexable. Btw now
> the Translator parameter parameter can be of type index::default_parameter
> and the default translator type is build inside the tree.

OK I think I confused Value and Indexable in my previous email. You're
right, Value is what we really store (the ID). Let's stick to that, and just
remove the Box parameter and retrieve all related things either using Value
or Translator.

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