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Subject: [ggl] RE: incorrect result for an intersection
From: Barend Gehrels (barend)
Date: 2011-04-17 05:25:41

On 17-4-2011 4:59, Simonson, Lucanus J wrote:
> Barend Gehrels wrote:
>> On 17-4-2011 1:10, Simonson, Lucanus J wrote:
>>> Vishnu wrote:
>>>> Luke,
>>>> What does Boost.Polygon use for independently validating its boolean
>>>> operations?
>>> The general booleans have been in use by quite a few different
>>> people since 2009 and have not have any bugs found in that time.
>> ... besides the bug I found a month ago?
> That was not in the core general polygon booleans algorithm. It was in the way the 45-degree algorithm was being used from the interface that normally calls the general polygon algorithm and the fact that general polygon formation wasn't compatible with the output of the 45-degree boolean in some cases. There have been several bugs in Boost.Polygon since it was released, but none in the core boolean algorithms.

OK, the distinction is up to you. Indeed it was solved quickly.

Vishnu's actual question was: "What does Boost.Polygon use for
independently validating its boolean operations?". So the answer is:
itself (in the past another for 45)?

The SQL statements I referred to were not validating the operations, but
checking if input was valid. So my new question is: how does
Boost.Polygon verify that?

I've checked if using our self-intersection with turns are feasable and
yes, it is possible using them, so they will be inside the Release, it
is actually a small addition. Thanks for bringing this up again.

Regards, Barend

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