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Subject: [ggl] Point/Box in Box Test (Border Cases - 3D)
From: Frank Glinka (glinkaf)
Date: 2011-07-21 06:55:37

Hi Barend,

I am currently out of office but did a first test remotely. Seems to work just fine and very speedy in release mode! :) I will have a closer look at it and the strategies as soon as I am back...

Thank you very much, this does help a lot!

Best regards,

Am 17.07.2011 um 15:10 schrieb Barend Gehrels:
> OK, ready now. I have:
> - removed the detail::within_code
> - extent the strategy approach for point/box and box/box
> - they now use a flexible system, where either > < or >= <= can be used
> - added a covered_by algorithm, conform PostGIS/Oracle, meaning "within or on the border"
> - for point/box and box/box this is all implemented N-dimensional (as it was)
> - added a agnostic point/box strategy which is usable for spherical and geographic coordinate systems
> - they are also usable for within and covered_by
> - some smaller changes.
> The strategy approach is useful, e.g. for spherical, a point-in-box could mean: "really in the spherical box", so on the left side of all (counter clockwise) sides, or "just in the extent", so within the coordinates specified by that box. The default strategy is the first one. The second one is similar to the cartesian (dimension agnostic) strategy, but it would have to take the dateline into account (so this second described strategy is not yet there - but it could be useful once).
> Can you verify your benchmarks on performance and the behaviour/correctness you reported?
> Regards, Barend

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