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Subject: [ggl] Problems with the difference between two polygons
From: Enrico Leoni (lions.forever)
Date: 2011-07-21 18:56:06

> It might also be good to call boost::geometry::correct to your input
> polygons, because they are not closed. But that does not solve your second
> problem (maybe it solves the first).

Using "correct" and "unique" I'm in your same situation, moreover,
with TTMath the result is correct but with MPIR I get four polygons.
Given that I'm working on a little benchmark, I see that with TTMath
or MPIR the execution time is noticeably higher than using only
"double" coordinates so I ended upscaling the polygons and truncating
the decimals (keeping the coordinates as "double"), but now I'd be
curious to know if a higher execution time with MPIR is expected or if
I am doing something wrong.

I hope that my English is understandable.

Thanks again

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