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Subject: [ggl] for each
From: feverzsj
Date: 2011-09-30 07:07:51

hi, Bruno

>> find_if is a generic algorithms that doesn't care about the actual
>> iterator type, so probably no need to develop a special one for
>> geometries. Instead, we should probably have special iterators. But I
>> assume Boost.Bind and Boost.Lambda can already help a lot without further
>> development.

yes, of course. But the job required may differ a lot for different
geometry. The extra iterator facility could also be ineffeicient for some
geometries. Plus, the behaviour of std::find_if is to return iterator for
compare with end iterator, while some geometries do not natively support
So my point is "immediately return on success", something may look like"bool
for_each_point/segament_until(g, pred)" to iterator until pred() return

regards, zsj

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