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Subject: [ggl] Upcoming changes in I/O formats structure
From: Barend Gehrels (barend)
Date: 2011-12-10 14:43:22

Hi Mateusz,

Thanks for your proposal. I agree with it, only a few remarks.

First one for the users: as long as you include things like
"boost/geometry.hpp", nothing will change. Only if you are specifying
headerfiles explicitly (don't think many will do), there might be some
changes necessary.

Second, WKT was already included in the Release, from the beginning on.
We cannot do without (it is indeed in nearly all unit tests). It
currently resides in/boost/geometry/domains/gis/io/wkt. The files in
extensions are still there (think they can be removed now indeed) but
they contain a compiler-warning to indicate the move.

On 7-12-2011 23:45, Mateusz ?oskot wrote:
> Note [1] Boost.Geometry stores all-in-one headers inside related
> folder, for example
> boost/geometry/geometries/geometries.hpp
> but not at one level above:
> boost/geometry/geometries.hpp
> Most/many Boost libraries use the latter convention
> So, I'm not sure if all-in-one headers for formats should be:
> geometry/io/<FORMAT>/<FORMAT>.hpp
> or
> geometry/io/<FORMAT>.hpp
> For now, I keep it geometry/io/<FORMAT>/<FORMAT>.hpp

Well spotted. I'm not against harmonizing with most Boost libraries.

> Note [2] the iomanip.hpp used to be named stream_<FORMAT>.hpp.
> If present, the stream_<FORMAT>.hpp defines stream manipulators for format.
> I renamed it to iomanip.hpp to follow std naming of<iomanip> what is
> more self-descriptive and exactly indicates purpose of the header.

OK for me.

> Finally, we have planned to move two formats from extensions to the
> set of released formats:
> - SVG
> The SVG is a popular format and it is extremely useful as it is the
> only format so far which we can use for visualisations of Boost.Geometry objects.

I do agree, Boost.Geometry's SVG mapper is simple but powerful. Let's
get it into Release as well.

> Next, I'm going to complete implementation of OGC WKB
> (Well-Known-Binary) format and
> move it to default set.

Great! Good news.

Regards, Barend

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