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Subject: [geometry] Using Boost::Geometry along with an older Boost version
From: MOnsDaR (nils.brinkmann_at_[hidden])
Date: 2012-09-18 03:47:39


I'm working on a project which extensively uses Boost 1.46.1. There are
components which are compiled against this Boost version and where I'm not
able to recompile them against a newer Boost version.
Lately I stumbled across a problem where I would have to intersect 2
polygons. Fortunately, this is easily possible by using Boost::Geometry.
Unfortunately, Boost::Geometry is only included in Boost since version

The affected component is a library which is used by some other components.

As Boost::Geometry is just a header-only and also depends just on headers:
Would it be possible to compile the specific library with Boost Geometry
from Boost 1.47.0 and use it along with other components which use Boost
1.46.1? Could there be side-effects?

I hope this question fits this mailing list, it's not really a
content-specific question.

Thanks and best regards,

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